About Susan

About Susan

Susan Lange, owner of Nine Cloud Healing, began her practice in 1998. Like the clouds in the sky, Susan thinks of her work as a gentle but powerful healing art.

Susan has always sought natural ways to manage her own health and well being. For example, during pregnancy, she managed migraine headaches using relaxation and breathing techniques. She is an avid learner and teacher of ancient healing and modern movement, giving her clients the best of both worlds. What she loves best about her work is witnessing her clients transform as their quality of live improves.

All of the therapies at Nine Cloud Healing are centered around one principle: ease and joy are the natural response when we are fully present in our bodies. Health and pain-free living are primarily about gradually, joyfully restoring – or relearning – natural movement, breathing, and awareness of the whole body. This leads to emotional ease as well. We become more able to move, literally, through the world with ease, to slow down and be still, and to rest at ease in ourselves, as ourselves.

“Working with Susan is life changing, affirming and revelatory. I am grateful to work with someone who offers the spiritual and humane care that she does.”
~ MaryAnne

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