Pronounced “chee gong”

For this therapy, you will remain fully clothed and comfortably sitting or lying down. Without actual physical touch, Susan will move her hands slightly above and along your body to detect and clear the blockages in your energy.

Susan also will guide you in breathing, movement and meditation exercises, which you can practice on your own to continue healing.

Qigong also is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The many benefits of Qigong include:
Improved metabolism, digestion and elimination
Strengthened immunity
Increased oxygen to reduce tension, stagnant energy and pain
Lubrication of the joints for pain-free movement and greater flexibility
Soothing of the nervous system, allowing you to feel content and at peace

“After neck surgery, Susan worked on my neck with oils and I healed much faster than my doctor expected. … Doctors said I would need a wheelchair, but I am still walking and I credit that to Susan. Her work has been better than physical therapy. She is gentle and considerate and can tell you where you are hurting before you know yourself.”
~ Barb

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