Susan’s Training

Susan’s Training

Susan has been trained by the following study centers, teachers and coursework:

  • Minnesota Center for Shiatsu Study in Minneapolis
    • (now CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School)
      Susan earned a Diploma of Graduation and Certificate of Completion as a Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Therapist. Her fields of study included Namikoshi Shiatsu, Shiatsu Anma, Shiatsu Applications, anatomy, physiology, healer development, and a variety of Eastern-based healing techniques.
  • Spring Forest Qigong in Eden Prairie
    • Susan trained to Master Healer and Teaching Level 1, Qi-ssage and a varity of personal development courses and seminars.
  • Z-Health Performance Solutions in Tempe, Arizona
    • Z-Health is training for health providers that combines neurology and movement to improve physical performance, relieve pain and prevent injury. Susan completed the four-phase Core Curriculum and two courses of Advanced Curriculum.
  • Stott Pilates Reformer Classes
    • Susan has been taking Reformer classes since 2000, using resistance exercise equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. She trained at the Sweatshop Health Club in St. Paul and now teaches at a local pilates studio. With this expertise, Susan incorporates movement as therapy to help her clients relieve pain, become more confident and prevent injuries.
  • Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Berkeley, California
  • Chi Nei Tsang training by Sarina Stone of St. Paul
  • Zen Shiatsu at Lakewood (now Century) Community College in White Bear Lake
  • Integrated Energy Therapy in Stillwater – trained to Master Instructor
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki in Stillwater with Dee Millard
  • Healing with Plants and Minerals
  • Chakra and Universal Energy Dynamics
  • Energy Dynamic Ethics and Boundaries

Susan is a member of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) as a Certified Practitioner and a Guild Member of Spring Forest Qigong.

A Time for Renewal “Over the years, I’ve noticed that other massage therapists that I’ve seen seem to “do the same thing” every time I go. One of the many things that makes Susan so special is her seeking to understand what my needs are and her keen intuition to what I need–each time. She also has a gift for combining different healing modalities. After connecting with Susan’s calm and gracious presence, I leave the sessions congratulating myself for taking care of me. And you will, too!”
~ Pat

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