“I went out of state that week, so received Long-distance healing by Susan.  I understood it could help me answer a life direction question I had at that time.  Following her instructions for Long-distance healing, I had an energy experience as if Susan was beside me before falling asleep.  When I woke the next morning, I got an answer in a dream to my life question.  As a result of this clarity I am now happily married to the most wonderful man in the world. “
~Unanimously at Peace~

Thank you for your caring ways

“This was my first time meeting Susan. She was so gentle and caring with me. I hope it is not the last time I am able to have Susan help me to heal. Thank you for all that you do!”
~ Molly


“Visits with Susan always bring me back to center. Better able to bring forth positive energy in a work that is all too often hectic and negative.”
~ Kim

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“I have had many different techniques done with Susan for years. I also, recently brought my nine year old in to Nine Cloud/Susan. He really enjoyed his time. I love the feeling of comfort and ease from the minute I make my appointment and through out my experience. I look forward to “my time” every appointment. I love my connection I can have with Susan and the healing that I allow myself to endure with Sues help. I am thankful for the energy you can bring to me, help me eliminate, and help me discover myself. THANK YOU!”
~ Stacey

Just great

“very spiritual and magical”
~ Ping


“Wasn’t exactly sure what to expect upon arriving at Nine Cloud Healing for the first time, but I soon realized there was no way I could have expected the powerful, soothing, and incredibly healing experience I had. So happy to have been recommended to Susan and I am already anticipating my next appointment.”
~ Marie


“Gentle, powerful, life-changing, but mostly just indescribable. Thank you, Susan.”
~ Jenny

Awesome Care

“Encourage anyone and everyone to take care of yourselves by using Susan’s services.”


“Susan is amazing. I am not sure how she does it, but during Shiatsu it feels like she has 4 hands! I feel so relaxed and recharged when I leave. Thank you Susan.”
~ Michele


“Susan opened up a world of healing and empowerment for me. I went in with an open mind and knew that some form of healing would occur. I never imagined that I could be pain free two days after my appointment with Susan. I am awestruck by her ability to empower me to heal what MD’s wanted to surgically correct. I am on my journey of continued healing and growth; but have never felt so relaxed, restored and revitalized. She is an amazing woman and remarkable in the talent she possesses. I will refer others!”
~ Marilyn

A gift

“Susan is a true gift. Words cannot express how healthy I feel after her treatment. Not “perfect” or “fixed” but truly healthy and more mindful of my own necessary work. Thank you, Susan.”
~ Julia

Changed my life forever….You don’t know what you don’t experience

“I was extremely apprehensive the first tine I went to see Susan. (after many recommendations.) I thought I lived too hectic, crazy, dysfunctional life for her ever to put up with me….She GOT me …reached me…brought me to heights of relaxation I did not know existed! Susan has such a calming. peaceful, caring presense. I cannot wait to see her every other week for the past several years. Susan Lange is a true professional…… A gift I treasure……Thank you!”
~ Ann

Hands that Heal

“In the 5 years that I have been seeing Susan, she has amazed me with her healing abilities. She has been instrumental in my physical and emotional healing after a high speed rear-end collision. She has also become a spiritual mentor and friend who continues to help me navigate life with wisdom, courage, and JOY!”
~ Sarah


“Every time after I see you I feel so good and am so glad to have found you. Thanks for your healing work and also thanks for the beautiful website that is so informative and easy to navigate through.”
~ Lynn

Susan Lange • Nine Cloud Healing •
5901 Omaha Ave N • Suite 230 • Stillwater, MN 55082